Academic Profile & Statistics


Over the past 5 years, Immaculata AP students scored impressive results across all AP exams:

  • 77% scored a 3 or higher
  • 57% scored a 4 or 5
  • Current AP Courses: History of Art and Civilization, Biology, Computer Science, Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, European History, English III (Language & Composition), English IV (Literature & Composition), French, Music Theory, Spanish and History. These courses are designated on the transcript by AP (Advanced Placement).

    Additional accelerated and honors courses are offered in Art, English, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Studies, and World Language with the option of AP testing. These courses are designated on the transcript by H (Honors).


    he school year is divided into four marking periods and two semesters. Semester I is made up of marking periods one and two and the January examination. Semester II includes marking periods three and four and the June examination. The final grade for the year is the average of Semester I and II. The dates for the 4 academic quarters are posted on the school website. The school employs the following grading system:


    97 – 100
    93 – 96
    90 – 92
    87 – 89
    83 – 86
    80 – 82


    77 – 79
    74 – 76
    72 – 73
    70 – 71
    69 & below

    I=Incomplete, ME=Medical excuse (no credit earned), W=Withdrew (no credit earned)


    The guidelines governing grade point average are based on the recommendations of the National Association of Secondary School Principals which are explained below. The grade point average for an Immaculata student is determined by these factors:

    1. Quality Points based on the Weight of the class
    2. Number of Credits

    QP x Cr = Total QP
    G.P.A. = Total QP ÷ Total Credits

    GPA is cumulative and weighted. It is reflective of grades accrued at Immaculata and any previous high school. All subjects, except Physical Education, are included in GPA. Grades earned in each subject are assigned quality points in accordance with the level the course is assigned. Final grades are an average of semester grades.
    The grading system calls for exact numerical grades. Seventy (70) is the passing grade. A final grade below 70 receives no academic credit for the course. If a student fails one or two courses at the end of the year, he/she may not be promoted to the next grade unless the failure is removed by successful completion of an approved credit recovery program, at which time the credit recovery course, will be added to their transcript and they will receive GPA credit for a grade of 70.


    100% college acceptance, including these top universities:
    American, Lehigh, Boston College, Bucknell, Tufts, Villanova, NYU and Northeastern.

    90% of the Class of 2018 earned acceptance to their first choice school.

    75% of the Class of 2018 graduated with college scholarship offers; over 55% received full or half-tuition awards.

    Of those scholarships, 80% were more than the cost of an Immaculata education.

    During their four years at Immaculata, the Class of 2018 gave a combined 19,670 hours of service through the Campus Ministry program.

    25 graduating Seniors received the 2018 President's Service Award.