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The Student Information System (SIS) used by Immaculata High School is PowerSchool. PowerSchool SIS is a cloud-based application through which Immaculata maintains demographic information, attendance, and academic grades. Teachers enter grades and attendance through an application called PowerTeacher Pro. That information is saved to PowerSchool SIS for running attendance and progress reports. Parents are encouraged to create a PowerSchool SIS account—more information on how to do this can be found here. Once logged in, parents are able to review their child's attendance information and academic progress through the PowerSchool website and/or through the PowerSchool Mobile app.


The Learning Management System (LMS) utilized by Immaculata is PowerSchool Learning (PSL). PSL is used by teachers to post content and important calendar dates related to their curricula. Students should login to PSL using the "Sign in with Google" option on the login page. Parents who have already created a PowerSchool SIS account also have access to PowerSchool Learning—more information on how parents can access PSL can be found here.

For technical questions about PowerSchool SIS or PowerSchool Learning, please contact the Academic Office and/or Technology Department. For concerns about grades, please contact the appropriate teacher directly.