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Class of 2027 Enrollment & Course Selection

The steps required to complete Enrollment & Course selection are as follows:

Enrollment & Course Selection

After you have submitted the Registration form and paid the $300 registration fee, please complete the following steps: 

1. Review the Class of 2027 Program of Studies:

Review the Class of 2027 Program of Studies. This guide provides information about our course offerings for freshmen. You will receive your recommended placement levels (e.g. Honors, CP) for specific subjects at Enrollment and Course Selection. All information regarding elective courses can also be found in this booklet. 

2. Complete the Class of 2027 Academic & Activity Profile:

All students enrolling in the Immaculata High School Class of 2027 must complete the Class of 2027 Academic & Activity Profile.

3. Schedule a Time to Complete Enrollment & Course Selection:

Appointments for Enrollment & Course Selection are available during regular school hours. Please contact the Admissions Office at 908-722-0200, ext. 1218 or by email: admi[email protected]. to schedule your session. 

4. Pay the Enrollment Fees:

To complete your student’s enrollment, please pay the $350 capital reserve fee and the $400 non-refundable tuition deposit. Please note that these fees are separate from the $300 registration fee you have already paid. For your convenience, these fees can be paid by credit card, Venmo, or check.

  • Credit Card: Credit card payments can be made online by clicking here. Please note that a convenience fee will be charged that is in addition to the fees due.
  • Venmo: (@ImmaculataHSNJ). Please include the student's name in the "What's it for?" field. There is no added fee for using this option.
  • Pay by check: Both fees may be combined into one $750 check made payable to Immaculata High School.

If you elect to pay via credit card or Venmo, please complete your payment prior to coming to Enrollment & Course Selection. If you are paying by check, please bring the check with you.

5. Forms:

Please download, print, and complete the Tuition Payment Preference form before the date and time of your appointment.  If you will be using FACTS to make your tuition payments, please create your FACTS account and print and bring your confirmation with you to Enrollment & Course Selection. Download the form and instructions for setting up your FACTS account here: 2023-2024 Tuition Payment Preference Form

Pre-filled Loan of Government Textbooks and B6T forms will be available for your signature at Enrollment & Course Selection. 

Additional Information

1. Uniforms: 

Please thoroughly review the 2022-2023 Uniform Policy.  Any changes to this policy for 2023-2024 will be emailed to you in June.