Golf Mackie Award

History/Background on The Mackie Award

MackieMaxwellJ. Brandon (Mackie) Maxwell Jr., was an ardent supporter of Immaculata High School. Mackie volunteered his time to just about anything and everything Immaculata. He was especially interested in supporting Immaculata’s sports’ teams. With his buddies that included Joe Simmons, Barney Sloan, Rudy Pernini and Pierce Frauenheim Sr., to name a few, countless hours were spent over the years in support of the Immaculata Community. When “coach” mentioned that a universal gym would be a great addition to the locker room so that the athletes could work out and get stronger, Mackie and his buddies collected a few dollars from everyone that they knew, travelled into New York City for the purchase, and returned and set up the new universal gym. For more than 30 years between the mid-70’s until 2008, Mackie was involved in fostering the spirit and good name of Immaculata.

Co-owner of a local Raritan New Jersey restaurant from 1962 until 1993 with his wife Stephanie, and his parents and brothers, he hired innumerable IHS students to work in the kitchen; for many, it was their first job. And, when these former or current workers came of legal age, it was to the Old York Inn that most of them went to have their first celebratory “birthday toast’.

During the years that Mackie’s children attended Immaculata and for many years after, Mackie ran and supported the concession stand for all home football games, from supplying the food and supplies together with Joe Colalillo Sr., to cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

Even after Mackie’s 3 children graduated from IHS, he still continued to attend baseball, softball, basketball and football games; he loved high school sports and rooting for Immaculata’s student-athletes.

MackieAt the 2008 Immaculata Golf Classic, Mackie was honored for his countless years of service to Immaculata and the Immaculata Community. Regrettably, he passed away unexpectedly just a few months later in August 2008. The service award that he received in 2008, its inaugural year, was renamed the “Mackie” award in his memory.