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Live-Streamed Kidney Transplant

Live-Streamed Kidney Transplant
Posted on 02/10/2021
Live Streamed Kidney Transplant

On Tuesday, February 9, over 50 Immaculata students were able to virtually witness a live kidney transplant at St. Barnabas Medical Center. The event was facilitated by Liberty Science Center which enabled the students to connect and interact with medical experts while surgeons performed the surgery in the operating room. There was a short presentation at the start about the NJ Organ Donation system, where students heard from an organ donor and an organ recipient.

The program yesterday included two surgeries: a father donating a kidney and his daughter receiving the kidney. There were high schools from all over attending virtually—even one from Ireland!

One of the students commented, “I was fascinated the entire time,” and another student said he was amazed that the surgeon could perform the surgery while also answering our questions.