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Christmas Liturgy

Christmas Liturgy
Posted on 12/21/2021

Filled with the joyous sounds of the season, this morning our Immaculata students, faculty, and staff gathered at Immaculate Conception Church for our annual Christmas Liturgy.

In the Roman Missal, Christmas is known as the “Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord.” All Advent we’ve been preparing for the coming of the Lord at Christmas, in our hearts each day, at the Second Coming. All Advent points towards this Solemnity, wherein we commemorate the impossible. All creation waits in joyful anticipation this day, the day redemption is made possible for struggling and isolated humanity: the birth of Jesus Christ.

What is it that makes the Nativity of the Lord so important, so special for Christians? It’s the day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday, yes, but even more, the birth of Jesus is the central mystery of our Christian faith by which God took on human flesh. The Nativity of the Lord is the incarnation of God.

Thank you to our Director of Catholic Identity, Chaplain, Fr. Joseph Illés and Fr. Thomas Lanza for reminding us of the greatest gift we will ever receive.