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7th Annual Marian Scholars Symposium

7th Annual Marian Scholars Symposium
Posted on 05/23/2022

On Sunday, May 22, Immaculata proudly hosted our 7th annual Marian Scholars Symposium. Led by Mrs. Deirdre Rosinski, MArch, R.A. and Mrs. Nancy Bonham, MAT, the Marian Scholars program aims to foster a love of learning through the passionate pursuit of knowledge.

With over four dozen students sharing their year-long research in presentation and poster board sessions, some of the many topics included:
- social justice and environmental issues
- genetic rescue marketing
- the impact of running shoes on stride
- law enforcement investigation techniques
- how health websites respond to consumer needs
- diagnostic tools and their impact on students, sports, and education
- the impact of classroom design for high schoolers with Autism
- the use of virtual reality headsets
- music’s effect on sports
For more information about Immaculata's Marian Scholars program, please visit www.immaculatahighschool.org/marianscholars