Color Guard

Poem read by Kelcey Morrill at the 2009 Awards Banquet

All those times those words rang a new
"Alright, let's set it up for a run through"

All those times came down to this
And now we're on the bus to Annapolis

We've caked on the make up and plastered our hair
The fumes of Aquanet linger in the air

We put on our headphones and listen to "our" songs
Getting ready for warm up which won't be long

"Is the band ready?" Um yeah. I think so.
"Immaculata High School, you may present your show"

When the music starts and we stand proud and true 
Please, oh Lord, let the judges like what we do

May I stay in rhythm; let me not lose my count
For I fear they will see and point me out

I ask not for myself, but for the whole
Let us jazz run with grace and keep pointing our toes

Toss high, catch hard, 
"Do it up color guard"

The sabre white as it flies through the dark
If it's going to hurt, it better leave a mark

When the show's almost over and the fans are on their feet,
Keep smiling that same smile even though I can't breathe

A little wiser, a little sad to see another season go
But i know we'll always treasure the time
When together, we were the show

Color Guard at Disney 2009

Color Guard National Championships 2006

Noreen at States 2003

Noreen at States, Nov 2003

Picture from Championship Saturday, November 1998
Color Guard before Championships 1998

Band Camp '98
Color Guard 1998

IHS Color Guard Credits 
CMBC/USSBA Best Color Guard
Group 3 - 1989
Group 4 - 1990 -1993, 1995, 1997, 2000
Group 5 Open NJ States - 2003, 2004
Group 6 Open NJ States - 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011
USSBA National Champions - 2006, 2008, 2011
Group 6 Open Northern States - 2007, 2010