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Immigration to the US

Immigration to the US began with the first colonists.
Posted on 12/06/2019
Immigration to the US

Students in American Studies researching immigration in general and specific immigrant groups to America presented their work. Learning that US history and US immigration history are closely allied and each American ethnic group has its own story. Students created posters of current famous American citizens that are immigrants and presented these to the class. Student then studies the history of specific immigrant groups, time periods or immigration stations and created powerpoints to teach their peers about a specific topics and immigration stories. Gavin Rau and Michael Schumacher (inset) outlined the struggle of the Chinese coming to America. Nathalie Antigua and Isabella Barca (featured) explained the harsh realities of Ellis Island. Some students chose to study the German immigration story and others researched the history of Jewish immigration to America. The Jewish immigration topic proved difficult because so many countries were involved. They were able to create a precise powerpoint in a detailed and clear timeline.

Each poster and powerpoint surprised and enlightened the class with their information.