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Model UN Update

Model UN Update
Posted on 09/29/2021

Model UN recently met for the first time this year, and will continue to meet each Wednesday.

All grades have the opportunity to participate in this simulation of the United Nations. In October, each student will be assigned a country to represent, which they will then research it's given stance on current issues, and create drafts of resolutions. Then at the conference in January they will work with student delegates from other schools to present these Resolutions in their Committee Sessions. After participating in a virtual conference last year everyone is excited to be returning to Hershey to attend in-person this year.

There is still time to join Immaculata High School's MUN Delegation. 

Join us on Wednesday's after school in the Media Center to learn more!

Please visit https://www.ymcace.org/ to see our Class of 2021 team featured on the organizations new website.