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The Jazz Age

The Jazz Age introduces students to a whole new way of talking
Posted on 12/06/2019
The Jazz AgeStudents in US History II Honors class enjoyed deciphering 1920’s slang. Getting into the spirit of it they wrote their own stories using online dictionaries of 20’s slang. Jalopy, hayburner, fliver, breezer and bus all terms for cars were just some of the challenges faced while trying to understand life in the 20’s. Surprisingly many of the students recognized the slang term for eye glasses, cheaters, claiming that family members still used that term. Expletives, applesauce and horsefeathers, amused the student and many of them intend to use these words in the future. They all agreed that the assignment was nifty and copacetic. That is great and wonderful. The student created stories were read aloud so that everyone could enjoy them.