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Campus Ministry’s Annual Garage Sale 2021

Campus Ministry’s Annual Garage Sale 2021
Posted on 04/15/2021
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Hello friends and supporters of Campus Ministry’s annual Garage Sale!

This past year has been a journey for all of us, a true test of faith that has nonetheless brought glory to God through the kindness of so many toward those in need. Our Campus Ministry Department has been very busy with creative ways to reach out, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shopping for the elderly and “Letters of Love” to our nursing home friends as well as furniture rescue missions to those in need. We feel blessed and are grateful for the continued opportunities to serve as witnesses of Christ’s call to serve. 

Sadly, however, for those who love the Garage Sale as much as Campus Ministry does, we again find ourselves needing to cancel it due to the extraordinary events surrounding us and the continued need to take precautions about exposure to this virus. This decision was difficult indeed, knowing the depth and breadth of all who participate and all the wonderful things we accomplish each year. However, once again, with an eye to the future and hope in our hearts as always, we look forward to our sale in 2022.

In the meantime, we know that many of you have worked to set aside items to support us in our call to serve those in need. Some have expressed the ability to store their gathered items for next year, and that is appreciated. We do however want everyone to know that each year many of the donated items are directly distributed to agencies, before we even open the sale, during it, and afterwards.

Campus Ministry would like to suggest that you be our hands and feet and reach out directly to these agencies to check their status regarding the acceptance of donations. As things improve a bit and they open up more, they may be very grateful to restock their inventories and as a community, we can take heart knowing that even through adversity, our Spartan Spirit of giving prevails and our generosity continues to be of service to others.

Below is a list of local agencies with a bit of information, including how to contact them. Please keep in mind that they may also have modified or canceled hours of operation.

May God keep you safe and well and may you be assured of our continued prayers for you and your families.

With gratitude for your kindness to us in so many ways,

Mrs. Maureen Cote
Director of Campus Ministry

Catholic Charities
miscellaneous items

Good Will Store and Donation Center
Bound Brook NJ
miscellaneous items

Habitat Restore
Manville, NJ
miscellaneous items

Pluckerman Medical Equipment Ministry
Pluckerman, NJ
medical equipment

Salvation Army
miscellaneous items