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Compost Sale To Benefit The Appalachia Program

Compost Sale To Benefit The Appalachia Program
Posted on 06/01/2021
Compost pile

After the 11:00 AM Mass on Sunday 6/13/21, Immaculata Campus Ministry will have a compost sale to benefit the Appalachia program. The compost comes from a tremendous labor of love by volunteer students who donate produce, eggshells, leaves, and plenty of nitrogen-rich coffee grinds, most of which they scoop out by hand from K-cups. Each gallon bag is $2, 3 bags for $5, or a box of 8 gallons for only $10.

Those who have purchased compost in the past, rave about how it does wonders for their gardens. The compost will be on sale in front of the Church. Additionally, this year students will be selling wood chips by the bag along with bundled cut branches; for those who practice hugelkultur, these go into the bottom of holes dug for new shrubs to provide years of natural fertilization. 

Past years, compost sales have raised $740 for our Appalachian ministry. We thank you for all your donations. This year our students will depart for West Virginia on July 24, to empower those in the grip of rural poverty to have safer shelter. Pictured below are volunteers of the Spartan Soil Connection yesterday after school, making final preparations for the big sale.