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Seniors Dominate Spartan Spirit

Seniors Dominate Spartan Spirit
Posted on 02/25/2020
Seniors Dominate Spartan Spirit

Spartan Spirit Game Night (with the games, cheers, and skits) has endured for generations and five decades later, it never disappoints. It is a great way to show school spirit and class unity, as well as a perfect forum to develop leadership, creativity, and teamwork. Themes this year were as follows:

  • Freshmen: The Green Marines, "United in Spirit;"
  • Sophomores: Space Cadets, “Our Spirit is Out of This World;" 
  • Juniors: Red Racers, “Our Spirit Wins the Race"
  • Seniors: Survivors “Our Spirit Will Survive the Night."

The seniors carried the day with a phenomenal 715 points.

Go Spartans!

Let Spartan Spirit Last Forever!

Spartan Spirit   

Spartan Spirit   Spartan Spirit   Spartan Spirit