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Spartan of the Year Award

Kelly Henry 23I would like to start by telling you a little bit about how much this person gives back to the whole Immaculata Community (Students, Teachers, Parents). This person has alumni children and current children at IHS. She entered IHS looking to help and jumped right into to working on committees for various events and functions at the school.

She held executive positions on the Spartan Parent Club as Vice President and President, and she continues to work hard and try to grow the Spartan family/community. 

Countless hours as the SPC president just doing what they can for all the students, faculty, and parents. 

She began the tradition of the SPC board members delivering Immaculata Spartan home signs in person to new incoming freshman classes. They have gone above and beyond to be inclusive - tailgate at homecoming, the Nerds concert and phone calls to new families by board members welcoming them to the school just to name a few. 

During the SPC meetings she ensures we are getting school information from upcoming calendar events and what the school has to offer, making sure parents know that there is a place for everyone at IHS. She added social chair to the board so that the Spartan Parent Club can promote anything related to the school: band, sports, clubs, etc. 

She created a Spartan Parent Club email address so that parents can easily reach her with questions or concerns, started the Lata Love club for parent donations to be used for gift teachers on their birthday and other special occasions at the school. Worked with the school and the Spartan Parent Club Executive board to remodel the teacher’s lounge. 

You can find her working at all the Spartan Parent Club events including this one.

Congratulations to Kelley Henry.