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Visual Arts


The Visual Arts Program is designed to foster the development and appreciation of visual art aesthetics through wide exposure, critical examination, and age appropriate curriculum. Immaculata strives to develop in our students a lasting appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of the visual arts. Our program is carefully designed to encourage students to find their personal voices through using design thinking in our supportive, confidence building, and skill building arts curriculum. Our faculty is made up of practicing professionals who share a vision, and are devoted to modeling the habits of mind that we strive to instill in our students. We provide the opportunity to learn traditional studio art, ceramics, digital design, digital photography, digital video and AP Art History. To further reinforce the Arts curriculum, we present ever changing methods of student work. Portfolio development is a priority of our program.

In order to involve the entire community in the study of the arts, student projects are coordinated to compliment the curriculum of other departments. The newly constructed Art Wing allows for direct partnering with our strong performing arts programs. The year culminates with The Festival of the Arts and Coffee House exhibiting fine art, video, photography, poetry and music combining for a wonderful night out and a chance to showcase the work of our student body.