Ed Webber Director of Music

Hello and Welcome to the Immaculata Music Department!

Learning to play a musical instrument, developing vocal skills and acquiring positive life and study habits are some of the most incredible opportunities that our school can offer your children. They have the power to transform their lives in ways that no other endeavor can. In addition to musical accomplishments, our program is committed to providing young adults with activities that instill pride, teamwork, motivation, leadership, self-esteem, values, respect and recognition of the individual talents and contributions of all members. Our hope is that these traits are then carried forward in all future endeavors.

Immaculata High School has had a long commitment to the performing arts, recognizing the important place this type of education provides in the school curriculum. This was recently confirmed by the US Department of Education with the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which defines the performing arts as a CORE subject. Immaculata is proud that within the Catholic high school curriculum, we are able to offer a complete and comprehensive music program.

To our current students, you will find a wealth of information in our webpages to help you navigate through our program. Parents, please take special note of the section just for you.

To our prospective students and parents, we hope that you will get to know us a little better. Our program is two-tiered. We start new instrumentalists and vocalists every year. In short, no experience is necessary. Simultaneously, our program challenges those musicians who come to us with years of experience and together our new and veteran musicians travel on their musical journey.

Music at Immaculata can be a life-changing and fulfilling experience with an opportunity to grow academically, create wonderful memories and make lifelong friends.