Online Bookstore

Follett logoImmaculata High School is pleased to announce the selection of Follett as the provider for our school’s online bookstore. For more than 145 years, family-owned Follett has served the education market and will help ensure our students are ready for the first day of school with course materials in hand.

To access the online bookstore, please visit

To make sure you are ordering the correct materials, please refer to the student course roster, which is mailed to our students' homes each year during the month of August. The course roster includes each student's email address, ID number, course numbers, and other important information that you will want to have nearby when using the Follett online bookstore.

We encourage all families to use the Follett online bookstore for the purchase of essential course materials. Using Follett eliminates the need to go to multiple vendors to acquire these materials. You can choose between new, used, and digital options for these materials as available; digital materials can then be accessed via step-by-step instructions through a personalized Virtual Backpack, which can be accessed by students via their Chromebooks as well as through Apple and Android apps. Most print book orders are shipped the same or next day via FedEx. Additionally, every order you place via the Follett online bookstore provides rewards back to our school; these rewards may be used toward scholarships, teacher materials or event sponsorship.

For more information about our online bookstore and how to use it, please consult this letter along with these ordering instructions.

For more information about Virtual Backpack, please consult this flyer.

If you search the web for new or used books, please pay special attention to ISBN numbers when ordering from other sources. The Academic Office can assist with issues regarding our Follett online bookstore easily, but is unable to do so with other Internet booksellers.

Ordering through our virtual bookstore requires that you have access to a computer with an Internet connection. If you do not have access to a computer linked to the Internet either at home or at work, you may check with your local library or the school will arrange access through our computers. Please check with the school office for scheduled access times.