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In Honor Memorial (IHM)

Inspired by the charism of the IHM Sisters, who for decades provided spiritual and academic leadership to IHS, this program will provide needed funds for academic enhancements, building upkeep, faculty development, and tuition assistance. The In Honor Memorial (IHM) program’s goal gives you the opportunity to recognize key individuals in a Spartan way on a milestone birthday or anniversary, as a thank you gesture, or as a retirement gift.  Have a favorite teacher you want to thank? Want to recognize a parent’s commitment to Catholic education? Hope to honor a lifelong Spartan friendship?

The Michael Nunes Scholarship Award

The purpose of the Michael Frances Nunes Scholarship is to celebrate the life and indomitable spirit of our classmate. Born in 1968, Michael was a 1986 graduate of Immaculata High School who left us far too early at the age of 28. Michael’s energetic and gregarious nature thrived by extending random acts of kindness to many unsuspecting individuals. A tireless adventurer with a good heart, a great sense of humor, and an unforgettable smile, Mike was a friend who will be treasured for a lifetime. Through your application to the Michael Nunes Scholarship Award, the generous spirit of a dear high school friend will be echoed in the generations that follow us through IHS. The goal of the scholarship committee is to provide encouragement and financial support to a young person who is in need of financial assistance in order to continue attending IHS and is able to demonstrate a profound appreciation for the pillar of Friendship through their essay submission. The scholarship committee members will look for responses that are honest and insightful; show individuality and personality; and describe enthusiasm for positively impacting others. 

The Mary McCarthy-Aeschliman '82 Award

Mary McCarthy-Aeschliman '82 passed away in June 2019 from pancreatic cancer at the age of 55. She put forth an epic battle, doing everything available to defy the odds, extend her days, and beat cancer. Despite the loss, it is important for us to remember Mary for her fortitude and tenacity to fight against the odds. Truth be told...Mary was tough. She had a fierce commitment to the things she believed in and thought were worth standing up for. She applied this passion and spirit in her love of her husband and daughters, her work at Merck, her friendships, and competition in sports. To honor Mary and her passion for life, we are starting a scholarship at Immaculata in her memory. The scholarship will be awarded to a female athlete at Immaculata who demonstrates commitment to her team, passion for competition, and desire to fight to the last second on the clock. Immaculata has always been a special place which empowers young women, and with this scholarship, we can support the development of a female athlete who embraces the same bold spirit, tenacity, and passion that Mary displayed.