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Spartan Spirit Challenge

The Spartan Spirit Challenge offers students, parents, and alumni the opportunity to participate in the outcome of our Spartan Spirit Week of events. We are grateful to all of you for your promotion of this challenge and we look forward to your support of this important new tradition as you continue to carry that Spartan Spirit with you for years to come.



Class themes are finalized, planning is underway, and excitement is already building for Spartan Spirit Game Day 2023! 

While your days of matching class t-shirts and participating in relay games may be but a distant memory, we know the Spartan Spirit never truly fades, even upon graduation. So, now is YOUR chance to again compete and show your Spartan Spirit. The #SpartanSpiritChallenge is on! Want to retain those bragging rights? Here's how:

Who will you support?

2023 Themes

Spirit week competitions include class theme, logo contest, homeroom door décor, food drive, penny wars, pride points, attendance at daily mass in the Chapel, and class color. Spartan Spirit culminates with game night events including skits, relays, decorations, entertainment, cheerleading, and sportsmanship.


SPARTAN SPirit Challenge FORM 

Last February we added a new challenge, an opportunity to contribute to the colorful traditions of Spartan Spirit. We ask that students, parents, and alumni share, promote, and encourage their fellow Spartans to reconnect through our Spartan Spirit Challenge. 

Tell us your favorite Spartan Spirit Memory: Walk down memory lane and send us a story and/or pictures to help inspire our current Spartans: [email protected] 

Provide contact information: Let us keep your fellow alumni, family, and Spartan fans up-to-date with the latest news: use the form below.

Make a financial gift: Ensure the traditions you loved and the memories you made, can be shared by future Spartans: give now. 2023 Spartan Spirit Challenge

We would also like to give a special shout-out to our Cornerstone Spartans (graduates from the Classes of 1966–1976) who have built the foundation for the Spartan Spirit that we continue to celebrate each year. 

By emailing a memory, sending updated contact information, or by making gift before March 3 - Spartan Spirit Day to earn a point for your favorite class.

Spartan Spirit Challenge
Please use the form below to contribute to the colorful traditions of Spartan Spirit. 
About you, the form submitter:
Spartan Finder Form:
Recent News and Announcements (College graduation, Marriage/Engagement, Children, Work highlights) and/or Spartan Spirit Memory!

Information submitted to the Spartan Finder Form is valid and accurate to the best of your knowledge and publically available. 

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