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Our students come from a wide range of sending districts across central New Jersery and beyond. A very common source of questions from families considering Immaculata is the subject of transportation.

If busing is available from your town, it is provided by your school district. Most districts are required to either: a) provide transportation to Immaculata or b) provide financial aid in lieu of transportation. 

Private busing arrangements are difficult to coordinate and are usually cost prohibitive. However, there are some sending districts for which private arrangements have been made. In these instances, there is an added cost to the student, over and above what is provided by the school district as aid in lieu of transportation.

Car pools are utilized by a great number of our students. Many students are dropped off and picked up by a parent on their way to or from work, and the school is open to provide a place for those students to safely wait to be picked up or for school to start.

There are also public transportation options from many areas. There is a New Jersey Transit bus stop right in front of Immaculata High School, and the Somerville Train Station (part of the NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line) is located one mile from the school.

For specific information pertaining to your local district, it is recommended that you contact your school district directly and speak to the transportation coordinator. They will be able to provide you specific information on pick-up times and locations, as Immaculata does not determine the logistics of these routes.