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College Collaborations

Georgian Court University—Step Ahead

Georgian Court logoGet the college experience and earn college credit while you’re still in high school. The Step Ahead program allows high school juniors and seniors to attend classes online through the GCU virtual campus. You will interact with professors and students through the course while enhancing your academic portfolio and advancing your college education.

Upon completing a Step Ahead course(s), students can request a transcript to be sent to another institution. If you subsequently are accepted at GCU and enroll there, you will enjoy immediate advanced standing. Please see your School Counselor if you are interested in taking a Step Ahead Course next year.

Rutgers University School of Health Professions—Health Science Careers

Rutgers U logo

The Health Science Careers (HSC) Program offers college-level, interdisciplinary, general health care, communication, and sciences course work. The HSC program is versatile and can easily fit in the high school curriculum. The clinical shadowing component of the program, the potential earning of college credits, and a curriculum which provides a broad-based exposure to sciences, communication, and problem solving skills helps to assist in meeting the needs of future health professions. The overall purpose is to allow the students to earn college credit and receive practical health care practitioner skills, while keeping multiple health care career options open to them. The high school students experience with college level course work enhances academic skill development.

IHS Course #0480: Dynamics of Health Care in Society; Rutgers University credits: 3
IHS Course #0481: Medical Terminology; Rutgers University credits: 3

Seton Hall University—Project Acceleration

Seton Hall U logo

Project Acceleration, a concurrent enrollment program within the College of Arts and Sciences at Seton Hall University, has allowed high school students in New Jersey and New York to get a head start on their university careers. Over the course of their high school career, students can earn up to 22 credits from Seton Hall University for approved courses taken in their secondary schools. The college credits earned through Project Acceleration are accepted at more than 200 colleges and universities.

IHS Course #0245: AP Calculus AB; Seton Hall University credits: 4
IHS Course #0645: AP Computer Science A; Seton Hall University credits: 4
IHS Course #0558: AP Spanish 5; Seton Hall University credits: 3
IHS Course #0146: AP English Literature and Composition; Seton Hall University credits: 3
IHS Course #0860: AP Music Theory; Seton Hall University credits: 4
IHS Course #0350: AP European History; Seton Hall University credits: 3
IHS Course #0435: AP ChemistrySeton Hall University credits: 3
IHS Course #0135: AP English Language and Composition; Seton Hall University credits: 3

University of Delaware—Entrex Lab

The University of Delaware’s nationally recognized and award winning Horn Entrepreneurship team developed the EntreX Lab™ dual enrollment program to equip high school students to thrive amidst rapid change by cultivating agile thinking and developing creative problem solving skillsets.

The proprietary and customizable EntreX curriculum enables educators to convert their classrooms into real world entrepreneurship labs and deliver transformative earning experiences to students. Unlike traditional entrepreneurship programs that focus on starting and managing small businesses, the EntreX curriculum builds from a broad conception of entrepreneurship as pursuing the creation, delivery and capture of value from new ideas. This conception highlights the relevance and usefulness of entrepreneurial thinking and action in any organizational context, including startups, existing companies, social ventures and nonprofit organizations.