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Faculty and Staff Directory

Main Switchboard: (908) 722-0200


Mr. Edward Webber '99, M.Ed., Principal Ext. 1114 [email protected]
Mrs. Kristin Boczany, MA, Vice Principal for Academic Affairs Ext. 1118 [email protected]
Mrs. Sonia Sparkes Gasko '06, MM, Ed.S.
Vice Principal for Campus Affairs
Ext. 1143 [email protected]
Mr. Thomas Gambino, Director of Athletics Ext. 1154 [email protected]
Mr. Kevin Rivenbark, Dean of Students Ext. 7999 [email protected]
Mr. Rick Proctor, Director of Security Ext. 1122 [email protected]

Academics Office

Mrs. Kristin Boczany, MA, Vice Principal for Academic Affairs Ext. 1118 [email protected]

Activities & Transportation Office

Mr. Kevin Rivenbark, MPA,  Coordinator Ext. 7999 [email protected]

Admissions Office

Mrs. Michele Blandino, MBA, Director of Admissions Ext. 1218 [email protected]

Advancement Office

Mr. Richard Rau '89, Director of Advancement Ext. 1223 [email protected]
Mrs. Susan Beardsley, Administrative Assistant Ext. 1224 [email protected]


Mr. Thomas Gambino, Director of Athletics Ext. 1154 [email protected]
Mrs. Linda Flynn, Administrative Assistant Ext. 1115 [email protected]
Mr. Gregory Watson, MA, Assistant Athletic Director Ext. 1207 [email protected]

Attendance Office

Absence Reporting Ext. 1150
Mrs. Marisa Lembo Watson '92 Ext. 1151 [email protected]

Campus Ministry

Ms. Kristen Cummins '12 '16, Campus Ministry Ext. 1219 [email protected]
Mr. Rich Grieshaber, Outreach Coordinator Ext. 1221 [email protected]
Fr. Joseph Illés, M.Div., Director of Catholic Identity, Chaplain Ext. 1220 [email protected]
Mrs. Colleen Paras '99, Director of Campus Ministry Ext. 1123 cparas@immaculatahighschool.org
Fr. Ronal Vega-Pastrana, Campus Ministry Ext. 1213 [email protected]


Mrs. Nancy Bonham, MAT Ext. 1192 [email protected]
Mrs. Eve Campeau Ext. 1910 [email protected]
Mrs. Irene Eckert, M.Ed.* Ext. 1177 [email protected]
Mr. Ryan Kaminski Ext. 1911 rkaminski@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Victoria McMonagle '07  '11, M.Ed. Ext. 1170 [email protected]
Mr. Carl Santiago, MA
Ext. 1128 [email protected]
Mr. Dennis Schneider, MAT
Ext. 1156 [email protected]

Finance Office

Mr. Robert Condo, Business Manager Ext. 1124 [email protected]
Mrs. Kate McCabe '92, Bookkeeper Ext. 1113 [email protected]  

Health Services

Mrs. Jaclyn LaRoche Ext. 1126 [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Kay Yorkgitis Ext. 1126 [email protected]

Main Office

Mrs. Maria McNulty Ext. 1110 [email protected]

Maintenance Department

Mr. Jake Morio, Director of Facilities Ext. 1130 [email protected]

Mathematics, Computer Science & Business

Mr. Adam Baurkot '12 '16, MS Ext. 1196 [email protected] 
Miss Emma Bernhard Ext. 1168 [email protected] 
Mr. Farris Fanik Ext. 1913 [email protected]
Mrs. Kristin Marra Ext. 1149 [email protected]
Mr. Thomas Murray, MBA Ext. 1184 [email protected]
Mrs. Rachel Schneider* Ext. 1171 [email protected]
Ms. Kimberlee Sibilia Ext. 1183 [email protected]
Mr. Daniel Spencer, MA Ext. 1190 [email protected]

Music & Performing Arts

Mr. Michael Gasko IV '02 '06, MM*, Director of Vocal Music Ext. 1132 [email protected]
Mr. Peter De Siena, MM, Band Director Ext. 1132 [email protected]
Ms. Avelyn Simons, Drama Ext. 1132 [email protected]
Mr. Zachary Wroblewski, Band Director Ext. 1132 [email protected]

Office of School Counseling

Mr. Gregory Arakelian, MA, Coordinator of NCAA Ext. 1215 [email protected]
Mrs. Shawanna Eugene, MA, Ed.S, LPC, NCC, ACS Ext. 1139 [email protected]
Mrs. Christine Kretz, MA, Director of Special Services Ext. 1119 [email protected]
Mrs. Donna Peltack, Registrar Ext. 1214 [email protected]
Mr. Ken Stokum, M.Ed, LAC, SAC, School Counselor Ext. 1216 [email protected]
Mrs. Linda Tully, MA, Director of School Counseling Ext. 1136 [email protected]

Physical Education/Health

Mr. David Hobson Ext. 1897 [email protected]
Mr. Peter Minsavage '15 Ext. 1131 [email protected] 
Ms. Nicole Palazzi '00* Ext. 1152 [email protected]
Mr. Rodney Van Ness Ext. 1908 [email protected]


Dr. Robert Berckes, MA, D.C. Ext. 1178 [email protected]
Mr. Christopher Castellano, MS Ext. 1175 [email protected]
Ms. Jhovanna Ibañez '07 Ext. 1174 [email protected]
Mrs. Michele Kowalski* Ext. 1201 [email protected]
Mrs. Kristen Kurtz Samsel '05  '09 Ext. 1210 [email protected]
Mr. Andrew Simon '17 Ext. 1163 [email protected] 
Mrs. Kristin Sklios, MS Ext. 1194 [email protected] 

Social Studies

Mrs. Kristin Camiolo Ext. 1181 [email protected]
Mr. Michael Columbo Ext. 1127 [email protected]
Mr. William Corman  Ext. 1182 [email protected]
Mrs. Janine DeAngelo-Mustillo, MA Ext. 1191 [email protected]
Mr. James Dimino, MAS Ext. 1185 [email protected]
Mr. Daniel O'Hare Ext. 1162 [email protected] 
Mr. Joseph Servedio* Ext. 1195 [email protected]

Technology Department

Mr. John Lagola, Director of Technology Ext. 1148 [email protected]
Mr. Michael Giangreco '06, M.Ed.,
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Ext. 1117 [email protected]
Service Ext. 1148 [email protected]


Mrs. Elena Dwyer, MA Ext. 1161 [email protected]
Ms. Patricia Hayek, J.D., MA Ext. 1166  [email protected] 
Mrs. Patricia Shea Hummel '93 Ext. 1915 [email protected]
Mrs. Patricia Jannuzzi, J.D. Ext. 1173 [email protected]
Mr. Scott Sheppard Ext. 1198 [email protected]
Mrs. Christy Vaissade* Ext. 1120 [email protected]

Visual Art

Mr. Joseph DeVito III '94 '98 Ext. 1159 [email protected]
Mr. Issac Howard Ext. 1169 [email protected]
Mrs. Deirdre Rosinski, MArch, R.A.* Ext. 1160 [email protected]

World Languages

Ms. Wendy Chorlian Ext. 1199 [email protected]
Mrs. Laura Gutierrez, MA Ext. 1257 [email protected]
Mrs. Fabiana Maia-Davis, MA* Ext. 1193 [email protected]
Ms. Laura Ruiz-Aceves, MA Ext. 1197 [email protected]
Mrs. Maureen Ryan Ext. 1916 [email protected]
Mrs. Rosanna Vitiello Ext. 1157 [email protected]

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