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With the Immaculata Philosophy in mind, the Music Department takes on the additional responsibilities to further the development of each student as an outstanding young adult within his/her overall maturation process through the musical, movement, and pageantry arts.

The mission of the Immaculata High School Music Department is to provide young adults with classes and activities that instill pride, teamwork, motivation, leadership, self-esteem, values, and respect; recognizing the individual talents and contributions of all members. These skills and traits are then carried forward in all future endeavors while working to become leaders in their industry, community, Nation, and Church. Each Spartan member is regarded as a key player in highly respected and professional musical units, reflecting credit upon the entire organization and school which it represents.

Immaculata offers complete music education for students grades 9–12 in instrumental and vocal music. Instrumental Band is comprised of 3 core classes that include Music Theory, Instrumental Lessons & Sectionals, and full Instrumental Ensemble.

Student Life in the Music Department

Why Music?