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Service Pillar Awards 2018-2019

Service Pillar Awards 2018-2019
Posted on 06/07/2019
Service Pillar Awards 2018-2019The Service Pillar's awards honorees pictured here together contributed an outstanding commitment to our school, local and national communities over the course of their high school career, 3396 hours to be exact. We are grateful for ALL our volunteers' dedication. Rising junior Aubrey Reno was not present for this photo; she is taking exams so she can serve in Appalachia next week along with two of the other students present! Thank you for inspiring others to be the very best version of themselves. To quote one of our past chaperones, “I don’t think anyone has ever wished they spent less time working on their relationship with God.” You all indeed live your Catholic faith.

New as of 2019, the levels-gradient approach to service at Immaculata extends recognition for truly great altruism and dedication to a particular program for unsung heroes who otherwise may not have the resources to serve regularly after school or on weekends and thus accumulate the many hours that traditionally grab attention.

The 5 service levels are:
  1. Commitment service (overnight and/or social justice)
  2. Evenings, weekends and after-school service for two or more hours
  3. After-school service for one hour
  4. Service during school, Activity period, lunch/study
  5. Take-out service: volunteering by your terms/ your schedule
All levels are a nobly reverent sign of one’s love for building one’s relation with Jesus.