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Senior Creates Compost Storage Shed (1)

Senior Creates Compost Storage Shed
Posted on 09/25/2019
Senior Creates Compost Storage Shed

Shown here from left to right are Father Tholitho, Director of Catholic Identity, Stephen Gebhard, and Mr. Grieshaber, Campus Ministry's Outreach Coordinator.

For his Eagle Scout project Immaculata senior Stephen Gebhard chose to make a “shed” to facilitate Campus Ministry’s growing compost program, which was founded in 2016. An Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America program. Only four percent of scouts since 1911 have received this rank. Immaculata salutes Steve for going beyond the simple basics that define the average shed and giving the school this well-crafted storage area.

Since its debut, Immaculata’s compost program has raised $740 for the rural farmers of West Virginia. It specifically pays them to donate local apples, sweet potatoes and other fresh produce staples of the typical Appalachia humble abode to the marginalized of the Dunlow food pantry; the sale of 235 gallons of natural fertilizer produced these funds—from pure kitchen trash! The many ecological programs at Immaculata dependent on our on-campus compost garden include: The Spartan Soil Connection, Coffee ‘N Chat, and Pumpkin Smash as well as Lunch-Time Compost Chopping/Raking and the eventual Compost Bagging in May. What a great lesson for our students.

Immaculata wishes to thank the entire Gebhard family for helping out ALL these fine programs and for supporting Stephen through his persistence, hard labor and sincere generosity. In addition, many thanks to Father Tholitho, our Director of Catholic Identity, for blessing the shed.

Spartan Proud!