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Nancy and Dan Bonham Receive Mackie Award

Nancy and Dan Bonham Receive Mackie Award
Posted on 10/04/2019
Bonham Receive Mackie Award

Nancy and Dan Bonham received the prestigious Mackie Award at the Immaculata Golf Classic reception. In presenting the award, Ed Webber, Dean of Students, who worked with the Bonhams for years, said, "To create one of the premier marching bands on the East Coast, such as ours, takes massive effort and dedication. Dan and Nancy Bonham were a massive contributor to that success. They understand that being part of something larger than oneself is an important piece of growing up. However, it takes work to create something like our band program. And, while it took many to build the program over these years, few have been more important to its success than the Bonhams."

Shown in the featured photo are Nancy and Dan with past Mackie Award winners and Mrs. Maxwell (widow of Mackie Maxwell for whom the award is named) in the center. In the photo below, Nancy and Dan were joined by a few members of the Marching Band staff over the years.