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The Paul Robeson Institute Honors IHS Students

The Paul Robeson Institute Honors IHS Students
Posted on 06/20/2020
Paul Robeson

It is fitting to announce with great joy, today, the accomplishments of some of our African-American students. We are so proud of our Spartans! 

The Paul Robeson Institute honors outstanding high-achieving African-American students in the areas of scholarship, athletics, the arts, and community service. Students in Somerset and Hunterdon counties are nominated by their guidance counselors, teachers, and school administrators for these prestigious awards. Yesterday the Paul Robeson Institute released a virtual ceremony. 

This year, 25 students from Immaculata were recognized in the various categories.

The award winners are:

Ava Abreu, Davis Adams, Joseph Alexis, Cameron Chadwick, Christel Darcelin, Stacey Darcelin, Gianna Duncan, Pelton Esannason, Xavier Harris, Jamie Holbeck, Johnny Mallory, Ameer Mason, Shahkai Matthews, Ameenah McKiethen-Carter, Jordan Myers, Akwesi Prempeh, Arden Primus, Brandon Primus, Victoria Robinson, Antoniae Simpson, Miles Tucker, Martin Wantong, John Williams, Joshua Williams, and Richard Williams.

In addition, the Paul Robeson Institute recognizes individuals that excel in each of the specified categories. This year, the following Immaculata students were honored:

  • The Arts: Stacey Darcelin and Joseph Alexis
  • Athletics: Shahkai Matthews
  • Academics: Pelton Esannason and Davis Adams

The distinguished Renaissance Award is presented to the student that excels in all four categories. This year co-winners were selected. One of the co-winners was from Immaculata High School: 

Renaissance Award: Ameenah McKiethan-Carter

Congratulations to all! Immaculata had the most winners of any school in both counties last year and this year.

These awards reflect only a portion of those earned by our African-American students for their excellent character and for their contributions to Immaculata, the programs in which they participate, and their communities.

We all know that life is a journey, and one that is different for each one of us. And the journey has aspects that are individual and personal, and aspects that are societal and communal. Juneteenth is a day to celebrate a piece of the journey that is personal for some, yet communal for all. Let us always live and celebrate that we are all created by God, and made in his image and likeness.

May all our hearts be full and strong and may our voices ring with pride and joy Immaculata so as one we sing! (from our Alma Mater, Unitas Caritas)

Spartan Proud!