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2002: Lion King

Rhythm of the Pridelands

Drum Majors: Nicole Gust and Michael Patullo

Act 1 - The Introduction As day breaks, the sun rises and the circle of life begins on a new day. The introduction to our 2002 program will set the tone for the entire show with the colors and rhythms of the African plains.
Act 2 - Stampede Stampede will be an up tempo and energetic piece in our 2002 program. Keep an eye out for driving wind parts, percussion breaks, guard features and a silent drill move that leads to a strong, aggressive ending.
Act 3 - Shadowland The third selection in our 2002 program is the ballad, "Shadowland." This haunting yet beautiful melody will feature the talents of the Color Guard.
Act 4 - Busa / 
            Under the Stars
The percussion feature will display a wide variety of percussion instruments. Look for this song to get everyone involved in the biggest and loudest percussion feature ever at IHS!
Act 5 - The Circle of Life As the sun sets, the circle is complete. The final selection of our 2002 Program is "The Circle of Life." Look for this song to have an upbeat and exciting ending that features a reprise of all the high points of our 2002 program.

formal band pic 2002

Replay of the 2002: Lion King Show

2002 USSBA Competition Results

Date Location Score
9/21 Piscataway  79.8
9/28 North Warren 75.7 
10/5 Somerville 82.2 
10/6 N. Jersey Regional 84.25 
10/13 Trenton Regional 84.0 
10/20 Edison (stand still) 91.06 
10/26 NJ State Championships 90.35 
11/10 Sayreville 93.5 
11/16 USSBA 4 Open Championships 97.6