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Cavanagh Breaks Decades Long Volunteer Benchmark

Cavanagh Breaks Decades Long Volunteer Benchmark
Posted on 01/21/2021
John Cavanagh

It all began in the fall of 2001 at Immaculata junior at the time, Melissa Lowden, placed into high gear the precociously philanthropic heart that she really only began nurturing as a sophomore; by the end of her senior year she would embark upon what would become for every graduating class thereafter an impossible benchmark to meet, never mind surpass. In 2003 Mel, as she liked to be called, graduated with just over one thousand hours, inspiring the creation of a Service Hall of Fame. What became an outstanding feature for that marquee entry however over time was that she served 194 events. Class after class, year after year, no one ever really came close to that number.

That all changed in 2020 with a humble servant named Rose Camiolo. Rose, upon graduation, actually served 195 events, for our purposes a statistical tie, so much wasn’t made of the achievement, although like Mel, Rose had her servant hand in nearly everything related to helping others. What makes John Cavanagh’s number, currently a quite eye-opening 209 events, is that John still has the whole second half of senior year well ahead of him and Immaculata offers daily service events during L1/L2—opportunities that were unheard of in Mel Lowden’s day. For John Cavanagh—carpe diem is indeed the order for 2021! Congratulations, John, for being the one Immaculata student to attend the most volunteer events since volunteer events began to be recorded, twenty-one years ago… and counting.