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Joseph Simmons Sr.

Volunteer Extraordinaire

Joe SimmonsThe late Joe Simmons Sr., Spartan of the Year Award winner in 1972, began as a parent volunteer in 1966, when his oldest son was a freshman, and continued at Immaculata for nearly 50 years. As the football program was launched in 1966, the Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Pierce Frauenheim Sr. could not perform both duties, so Simmons with his classic line, “Don’t worry about a thing,” organized the concession stand, ticket booths, the officials, the volunteers, the finances, 50/50’s, the chain gang on the football field, and fundraising for decades.

He also ran the basketball ticket sales for both boys and girls, as well as organizing the sports banquets over countless seasons. He was a key member of the newly formed Spartan Club and initiated the Spartan of the Year Award. Joe was instrumental in coordinating a huge fundraiser back in the 1960s: THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS on our gym stage. Another big fundraiser was the boxing matches in our gym, which Joe handled.

His strong respect for the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters working at Immaculata was heartfelt and he quietly lent them assistance on many occasions with no fanfare. At IHS, he valued the importance, dedication, and service of the IHM Sisters to the students and families and cherished them as the backbone of the Catholic education experience.

He sacrificed his time to Immaculata, because of the loyalty to his faith, community, and a school he felt such passion for. He helped formulate an amazing program and its success will always, always be in large part because of him.