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Cold Fusion Completes 2021 Season

Cold Fusion Completes 2021 Season
Posted on 04/14/2021
Cold Fusion

Immaculata's FIRST robotics team, Cold Fusion - Team 1279, recently completed the 2021 season. Because all live, in-person competions were canceled due to Covid, FIRST gave teams three challenges to engage in various STEM activities. Teams could do any or all of the challenges.

We chose two of the three challenges. The first one we chose was the Innovation Challenge. Teams could identify a problem or opportunity 'to help people keep, regain or achieve optimum physical and/or mental health and fitness'. The problem we identified was the health effects of bad posture. Our solution was a back support with built-in sensors that can alert the wearer if they are not maintaining a good upright posture. Our students wrote a 500 word Executive Summary and participated in an interview with a panel of judges to explain our idea.

The other challenge we chose is the INFINITE RECHARGE at HOME challenge. INFINITE RECHARGE is the name of last year's game, so we used last year's robot with some modifications made to it. The challenge included up to five tasks (but you had to do at least three) for the robot to perform. We recorded the tasks as we performed them, then sent the videos and our scores to FIRST for judging. Our students also participated in an interview with a panel of judges to explain the design criteria for our robot, our team structure and how our team acquires funding.

Overall, it was a very successful season under unusual circumstances, with many new members joining the team.

Spartan Proud!

Cold Fusion Cold Fusion