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Students Complete AP Course With Presentations

Students Complete AP Course With Presentations
Posted on 04/30/2021
Student Presentations

This year’s AP Research students recently presented and defended their year-long research projects. This year’s topics included: media representation of both the covid pandemic and people suffering from PTSD, parents’ influence on their children’s eating habits, marketing strategies and their impact on teens’ shopping purchases, virtual learning, the impact of voice pitch on students’ perceptions of their teachers, and health inequities faced by Black women.

AP Research is the second course in the two-year AP Capstone program. In this course, students investigate a topic of their choosing which includes a thorough review of literature in their chosen field in order to develop a complex and relevant inquiry. Students design and implement their own study to reach conclusions regarding their initial research question. Immaculata is one of 67 high schools in New Jersey that offers this prestigious program. For more information on AP Capstone and all of Immaculata High School’s special academic programs, please visit our Academic Page.

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