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Journalism Students Produce Historic Yearbook

Journalism Students Produce Historic Yearbook
Posted on 05/26/2021
Yearbook Cover

Putting together a high school yearbook is a monumental task that requires teamwork, creativity, and most of all, the ability to document, through photographs, all of the moments that make up a typical school year. When the school year is overshadowed by a pandemic, this task becomes even more daunting.

When classes began back in September, the staff of this year’s edition of the Magnificat were faced with a unique set of challenges. Spring events such as Junior and Senior Prom, sports, and other activities which are normally depicted in the book were cancelled leaving many pages empty, in-person learning and limitations on attendance at many school functions such as athletic events, liturgies, and Campus Ministry activities made it difficult to capture photos, and of course the ever-present masks and social distancing requirements had their effect on the sense of unity and spirit that is typically found within the yearbook’s pages.

When English and Journalism teacher, Mr. Jesse Whalen, arrived at Immaculata High School in early November, the status of the yearbook was “up in the air.” With only the cover completed and just a few months until the publisher’s deadline, Mr. Whalen and the Journalism I & II students got to work to create a yearbook that would contain the typical elements while also acknowledging the unique challenges of this school year. “The students stepped up to the plate,” Whalen said. “They were very professional and organized with their approach to the design, layout, and deadlines.”

After four months of hard work and with Mr. Whalen’s guidance and support, the Journalism students completed the yearbook in time to meet the publisher’s deadline. This year’s Magnificat blends many of the traditional sections with some new additions which help to tell the story of this very different school year such as Spirit Week, Life Outside, Journalism Behind the Scenes, as well as a page dedicated to everyone’s favorite puppy - Lata.

We are proud of our Journalism students and the work they put in to make sure our Seniors were able to receive their yearbooks at the Senior Breakfast. The 2021 edition of the Magnificat is one that will certainly be an important part of our school’s history.

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