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60 Reasons to Give

This fall, Immaculata High School reached the incredible milestone of welcoming our 60th freshman class. 

With Christ as our teacher, and through your prayers and financial support, our Spartans continue to transform the world in positive, prophetic ways through living out our pillars of Faith, Scholarship, Service, and Friendship.

Every gift counts, especially now! In the classroom, on the playing field, during a spiritual retreat or service trip, your support changes our students today and for the rest of their lives. Gifts of all types and sizes are needed. The participation of all alumni, current and past parents, current and retired faculty, coaches, parishioners, and friends is crucial and will help us continue this legacy into our next 60 years.

60 Reasons

Because of the person Immaculata helped me to become, including:
1. Forming my foundation of sound academics and faith.  
2. Receiving a value-laden and service-oriented education.
3. Embracing the philosophy of educating the whole person: mind, soul, and body.
4. Cultivating my sense of self-worth in theology classes, guidance, and health office.
5. Appreciating the opportunity, through the generosity of others, to be able to attend Immaculata. 
6. Participating in our beautiful liturgies, imbued with our love of God and our school community.
7. Developing a sense of strong ethics that helps me in my life decisions.
8. Flourishing in a family atmosphere, including having siblings as fellow Spartans.
9. Anticipating that my children, and even grandchildren, will attend my alma mater.
10. Motivating, inspired dedication of the IHM Sisters, lay faculty and staff, coaches, and religious, are unique advantages of having a Catholic education.
11. Fostering camaraderie during sporting events and music competitions.
12. Strengthening my devotion to our patroness, the Blessed Mother.
13. Seeing the impact an Immaculata education has had on my peers.
14. Remembering a special teacher recognizing my potential, even when I doubted it.
15. Establishing sound academic fundamentals that allowed me to succeed in college.
16. Understanding the role that retreats (Visions, Rev, Antioch, and class) played in shaping my teenaged years.
17. Developing a love for literature, fascination with science, the enchantment of foreign languages or beauty of numbers.
18. Recalling acts of kindness shown by peers and teachers during moments when I needed them most.
19. Honing my skills for writing, logical thinking, analysis, and research.
20. Embracing the concept of paying forward learned at IHS, by helping a student who needs financial assistance for costs, not covered by tuition.

Because of the education, life skills, and friendship I received as a Spartan, including
21. Obtaining a road map for a successful life, based on family, faith, career, and service.
22. Receiving encouragement to academically pursue my career dreams.
23. Learning patience, tenacity, and time management skills as a musician.
24. Being afforded incredible opportunities afforded by the AP, Marian Scholar, and Chesterton Programs.
25. Benefitting from lessons learned on the fields, courts, and gridiron by my coaches on the merit of hard work.
26. Reliving that moment when I grasped the power of hard work’s relationship with good grades.
27. Valuing the pure joy of never having to decide what to wear to school.
28. Having “survived” the trends of teenage hairdos and fashion choices with my classmates.
29. Being blessed with peer leadership lessons in clubs, sports, music, and retreats.
30. Recognizing the role that guidance played in shaping my college plans.
31. Experiencing the thrill of winning a state championship in music, sports, or robotics.
32. Acquiring lifelong Spartan friends who became like family.
33. Having the good fortune to meet my spouse here.
34. Gaining professional experience of working on the Spartan News Network.
35. Being given the opportunity to be involved in the massive Campus Ministry.
36. Feeling the pride of knowing that 80% of our graduates go to their first choice colleges.
37.  Witnessing the essentials of teamwork, demonstrated during Spartan Spirit.
38. Enjoying the thrill of seeing a job well done, such as the unveiling of the yearbook.
39. Discovering my inner artist, musician, photography, because of courses offered here.
40. Creating memories to last a lifetime of laughter, strength, fun, and love.

Because I want future Spartans to be blessed with an Immaculata experience and want to help by
41. Providing tuition assistance to families with financial challenges.
42. Subsidizing academic excellence scholarships to attract top students.
43. Helping defray the on-going costs of running a three-building facility and campus.
44. Contributing to the Guardian Angel Scholarship to honor a deceased loved one.
45. Donating to the In Honor Memorial (IHM) program to honor achievements of family members, classmates, or graduates.
46. Underwriting the cost of new sports and training equipment.
47. Upgrading the lab equipment to intensify learning experiences.
48. Ensuring every student in the music program has an instrument.
49. Supporting the upkeep of the facilities.
50. Assisting with increasing faculty salaries.
51. Enabling the continued expansion of academic offerings.
52. Encouraging the growth of Immaculata’s environmentally friendly initiatives.
53. Becoming a donor for the first time, because I am grateful for what it gave to me.
54. Equipping the admissions offices and marketing programs with strong financial backing.
55. Enhancing our technology and equipment to allow our school to continue to be cutting edge.
56. Being part of the effort to grow our student population.
57. Committing to donate $60 in honor of our 60th class.
58. Ensuring that Immaculata remains a dynamic academic institution, rooted in our Catholic identity, for my children or grandchildren.
59. Honoring all the generous donors of years past, who allowed Immaculata to flourish.
60. Offering resources to supplement team and band budgets to build championship teams.