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Spartan News Network

The Spartan News Network first launched in October 2018 and has become a HUGE success! It is a weekly, pre-recorded news broadcast written, produced, directed, and edited by our students! No previous knowledge is required. The news broadcasts involve all students interested in any multimedia communications fields. We integrate and employ the full spectrum of hardware, software, and audio-visual technologies available in our digital arts studio. Guided by faculty member and award-winning movie producer, Mr. Joe DeVito, this program includes full instruction, demonstration, and application of professional techniques. Students use DSLR cameras and HD video, green screen backdrop, microphone equipment, and a complete Adobe software package for editing on our state-of-the-art iMac computers. Real-world scenario television studio production etiquette, terminology, scheduling, care of equipment, researching, scripting, public speaking, teleprompter use, and time management skills are learned first-hand in this fluid, dynamic, and multifaceted process. 

For a full production schedule and questions about joining, please e-mail Mr. DeVito at [email protected].


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