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Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to tuition assistance applied for through our FACTS platform, Immaculata students may apply to the following scholarships.

Spirit of a Spartan Award

The Spirit of a Spartan award is for incoming freshmen who best exemplify the four pillars of Immaculata High School: Faith, Scholarship, Service, and Friendship. Spirit of a Spartan awards range from $500.00–$1,500.00 and are for one year, but are renewable provided the program's requirements continue to be met. All applicants to the Immaculata High School Class of 2028 are eligible to apply for this award. For more information and an application form, please click here: Spirit of a Spartan Award. The deadline for applications is Friday, December 1, 2023. 

Loveland Family Scholarship

This scholarship award is designated to two students every four years. The students awarded the gift will receive $2,500 annually for the four years of enrollment at Immaculata High School.

Mary, Mother of God Church Rosary Altar Society Scholarship

The Mary, Mother of God Church Rosary Altar Society Scholarship is available to financially assist families in providing a Catholic education at Immaculata High School. Applicants are not required to be parishioners of Mary, Mother of God Church, but must demonstrate financial need.

Frank DeStefano ’89 Memorial Scholarship

The goal of the Frank DeStefano ’89 Memorial Scholarship is to lift a portion of the financial burden of providing a Catholic education to children whose families have been impacted by pancreatic and other cancers.

Apply here https://www.destefanomemorialscholarship.org/apply

Scholarship for Musical Excellence

The Immaculata High School Music Department’s Scholarship for Musical Excellence is awarded to an incoming freshman who is committed to participating in Music department activities, including Marching Band. One $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded.

The Michael Nunes Scholarship Award

The purpose of the Michael Frances Nunes Scholarship is to celebrate the life and indomitable spirit of our classmate. Born in 1968, Michael was a 1986 graduate of Immaculata High School who left us far too early at the age of 28. Michael’s energetic and gregarious nature thrived by extending random acts of kindness to many unsuspecting individuals. A tireless adventurer with a good heart, a great sense of humor, and an unforgettable smile, Mike was a friend who will be treasured for a lifetime. Through your application to the Michael Nunes Scholarship Award, the generous spirit of a dear high school friend will be echoed in the generations that follow us through IHS. The goal of the scholarship committee is to provide encouragement and financial support to a young person who is in need of financial assistance in order to continue attending IHS and is able to demonstrate a profound appreciation for the pillar of Friendship through their essay submission. The scholarship committee members will look for responses that are honest and insightful; show individuality and personality; and describe enthusiasm for positively impacting others. 

Download an application here. The deadline for this year is March 14, 2024.

The Michael J. Ziegler ICS ’78, IHS ’82 Scholarship Award

Michael James Ziegler was a 1982 graduate of Immaculata High School who died of stomach cancer in March 2022 at the age of 58. During his fight he completely put his trust in God and leaves a legacy of faith and love with all who knew him. Michael always hoped that Christians may one day be united, in order that we may have a greater impact in spreading Christ’s love in the world.

The Michael J. Ziegler Scholarship Award is being offered to a student who has demonstrated a desire to share the faith in such a way that fosters Christian unity. This will require activities that exemplify courage and perseverance in truly living out the Catholic faith and bringing Christians together for the glory of God. The scholarship will provide $1,000 in tuition for one year and will require reapplication each year.

Download an application here. The deadline for this year is March 14, 2024.


The Office of Admissions may also award a limited number of academic-based scholarships to incoming freshmen.

Contact Information:

For questions about the application process please email Sue Beardsley at [email protected].