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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department of Immaculata High School provides spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth while integrating deep rooted Christian values within the academic curriculum.

First, the teaching of World History and European History courses traces the origins of the Roman Catholic Church through the Rise of Christendom while reinforcing the Christian ideals which have impacted the lives of millions of people from generation to generation.

Morals and values come into play within the teaching of American History and Government. Emphasis is put on aspects of good citizenship with student understanding of the rights and responsibilities reflected in our Constitutions and civic laws. While this is the case, ethical behavior and pillars of good character are key components in further developing students’ future roles as productive, law-abiding, morally and ethically sound citizens.

The emotional and social growth of our students can be attributed to the study of persecuted peoples and their quest to achieve human rights and secure human dignity give students a sense of the need to be helpful to other peoples throughout our nation and our world. Hearing once 'silent voices" and answering the call of the needy have taken hold in our American Studies and Slave Labor Newsletter.

Finally, Christian values and tradition are deeply rooted with the Social Studies staff, three teachers have served through the duration of 46, 39, and 33 years respectively. Dedication of classroom prayer by all of the Social Studies teachers have motivated the students to live prayerfully, respectfully, and morally, within the realm of our school, Church, nation, and world.

Sequence of Social Studies courses: World History, US History 1 and 2. Three years of History (one year of World History and 2 of US History) are required by the State of NJ. Students who take music as freshmen may choose to begin their study of history with World History as sophomores. Electives are offered to juniors and seniors.