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Campus Ministry

Maureen CoteMrs. Maureen Cote, Director

Campus Ministry creates community through living the four pillars: Faith, Scholarship, Service and Friendship.

Welcome to Campus Ministry, the epicenter of our school, where, in conjunction with our Director of Catholic Identity, God's love and blessings are evident in all that we do, where students, committed to their faith and the service of others, can find a comfortable "home," and where all campus ministry initiatives (outreach, retreats, and faith on campus programs) emanate.

Incredibly, Immaculata students have over 150 opportunities for service work on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It is not only a great way to meet new people, but an important step in establishing a lifetime of service. Whether you bring your pet to a nursing home or build houses in Appalachia, participate in a bingo game for the homeless or work with adults and children with special needs, there is something to contribute. The quintessential event is our annual massive Garage Sale, during which we raise funds for Campus Ministry initiatives, and help the community by providing low cost quality items, in addition to donating goods to many worthy causes. What is exciting to see is that nearly the WHOLE school is involved...from the administration to the faculty and staff, the parents, and most importantly, the students. They help us set up, sell the merchandise, and clean up within a four-day period. Truly, it's a miracle.

Another key component of Campus Ministry's objectives is to conduct four weekend retreats during the school year. Led by student leaders and guided by Campus Ministry and members of the Theology Department, these retreats are literally life-changing. The spiritual growth, student bonding, and leadership development that takes place are indeed remarkable. Years after the retreats, alumni will visit and tell us how these retreats helped to shape them into the people that they are today. That's an awesome testimony.

At Immaculata, we are fortunate to start and end each day with a prayer. Each afternoon the Angelus is said. We are blessed to have an in-school chapel on our campus. There each morning, led by our school chaplain, Mass is celebrated. Other examples include Ash Wednesday services and Eucharistic Adoration during Advent and Lenten seasons. The Rosary is prayed each Thursday in October and May, Mary's months. Small faith communities for adults and students are also conducted. And of course, the chapel is available for private prayerful reflection and Theology Class prayer services.

We are so proud of our students and their service work and spiritual development; each year we expand our scope a little more to make our program, which has received two national awards, the best it can be.


Campus Ministry

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