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The English Department of Immaculata High School provides a wide range of lessons, activities, and experiences that enrich students by way of the school mission. Our lessons always challenge our students intellectually in the subjects of grammar, vocabulary, literature, and writing. The English department encourages intellectual growth and progression. The students learn about the writing process which they improve on every year through peer review and the process of revising. We also require our students to experience literary analysis that forces the students to think critically and creatively about a given piece.

The English department has a strong commitment to helping our students find their voices as writers and to preparing them for writing in their futures. Throughout the course of every year, students begin to comprehend that all grammar study, analysis and vocabulary impact the writing process. Students learn how to correctly incorporate parenthetical citations into their essays through lessons created by their teachers and the help of turnitin.com. Students graduate with a strong sense of the importance of writing in life and, equally as important, the writing skills to succeed in college and business.

In addition to intellect, the English department also challenges its students in a spiritual and emotional way as well. During group discussions, we ask challenging questions such as “are we all created equal”? Or “do you believe in free will or fate”? The students reflect on these philosophical questions that question the author's intent, but all of the while, the students are also asked to contemplate their own spiritual and emotional state. Although we challenge our students both intellectually and emotionally, our students are also encouraged to experience creative ways in which to interact socially with their peers. Whether the students are participating in skit interpretations of Shakespeare or creating a poster inspired by Poe's short stories, students create working communities to reach an ultimate goal together. And in doing so, the students get to know one another in a safe, academic context, which fosters relationships that can last a life time. The English department is committed to its students whether upperclassman or underclassmen. Our dedication can be seen in every student's growth throughout their four years here at Immaculata High School.


All required English courses will have summer reading assignments.