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First Friday Grandparents' Mass

GP1Grandparents of Immaculata High School students joined our school community for a Mass and reception on Jan. 6. 

In his homily, Msgr. Joseph G. Celano, pastor and director for schools, reminded the students and their grandparents that "faith is not something that is simply received, it is something that is passed on and nurtured in family. And with a long line of family, of people who hoped and trusted and believed, that is what nurtured faith; that is the context in which Christ came." 

Recalling his own family lineage, Msgr. Celano said he often recalls the faith passed on by his grandparents and parents. 

"Faith and service are what define us," he said, offering that the gifts of faith and service were passed to him through the example set by his mother and father, respectively, "and they are formed within the context of community and family," he continued. 

To our grandparents who were able to be present with us for this Mass, we thank you. To our families who, by your own living witness, continually strive to pass on the values of faith and service to our Immaculata High School students, we thank you. You are a gift to us all!

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