Immaculata empasizes the importance of the Catholic faith to its students. Campus Ministry offers several weekend experiences which are strictly voluntary, but frequently have waiting lists. These retreats allow students to grow as individuals and also as a community of faith. During a weekend, students can build new relationships, strengthen existing ones or repair old ones, whether with God or with one another. Immaculata's Campus Ministry Retreats are unique, immersive experiences for both the student participants and student leaders. For years, the IHS retreats have upheld a legacy of team-building, faith formation, and personal growth. One of our recent graduates says, "Retreats are for going out of your comfort zone and experiencing the gift of seeing one another for who we truly are in the eyes of God."

Revelations Retreat

The Revelations retreat, which takes place in November, is for freshmen and sophomores. A team of juniors organize the retreat along with an adult team. "Revelations was so much fun! It helped me gain a sense of belonging. I made a lot of friends. It was the best weekend of my life," says a recent participant.

Visions Retreat

The Visions retreat experience, also for freshmen and sophomores, is held during the spring. This too is led by a group of juniors and adults. "Visions was my first retreat," says a freshmen. "I was surprised by how many people came. I learned a lot about myself and I got closer to God. The team was great. I hope I can be on the team some day!"

Antioch Retreat

An experience for juniors and seniors which affords them the opportunity to dive deeper into their spiritual lives. This retreat is led by a team of twelve seniors with several adult mentors. "Thank you so much for making Antioch available to us. When I think about my years at Immaculata, I have so many rich memories but I know that Antioch made the greatest impact on me. It changed my life. I still wear my cross," says an IHS grad in a recent letter.

G.I.R.L. Retreat

Growing In Real Love is offered every other year to Sophomore and Junior female students. It is an overnight retreat that allows them an opportunity to set a standard of love in their own lives by learning about the love God offers us. This retreat usually has a smaller number of participants and creates a strong bond for those in attendance.

Small Faith Communities

As a result of our weekend retreats, students have committed themselves to continuing prayer and fellowship through our Renew program. Within small faith sharing communities, they gather in prayer and reflection to explore ways they can live the Gospel message of love and service.