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Signature Programs

About Signature Programs

A Signature Program is a unique opportunity in which a motivated student may explore a particular area of interest for college and career pathways. These programs are for students who, as early as high school, have a sense of what they want to study in college or what they want to be when they grow up.

Signature Programs will provide students with a competitive advantage when applying to college. The programs will enable students to gain knowledge and skills that will become the foundation for future studies and career decisions. Students will have the opportunity to earn college credits for some courses in their program of choice. Additionally, students will begin to form a network of connections in their profession of interest.

At this time, there are 7 Signature Programs:

1. Health Science Signature Program

2. Music Signature Programs - two options

  • Instrumental
  • Vocal

3. Art Signature Programs - three options

  • Fine Arts
  • Digital Arts
  • Multimedia Communications

4. Catholic Classical Studies Signature Program

Students will be required to complete a specific sequence of courses depending on the Signature Program. Additionally, some Signature Programs require students to participate in direct "field" experiences as they explore the everyday life of different areas of a particular industry. For specific program requirements, please review the IHS Program of Studies.

These programs are for students who are highly motivated and can work independently toward a goal, and are open to students of all academic abilities. Guidance will be provided along the way from the student's school counselor, a Signature Program advisor, and the Academic Office. At graduation, after the successful completion of the program requirements, students will earn a Certificate of Distinction. Through the application process, students and school counselors will inform colleges and universities that a student is participating in a Signature Program.

Applying to a Signature Program and Requirements to Remain in the Program

Students interested in being considered for the Health Science Signature Program must apply through the application process with the Academic Office. Generally, applications will be accepted from students during the course selection process at the end of freshmen and sophomore years.

In order to remain in the program beyond junior year, a student must show motivation and commitment to the requirements of the program by maintaining at least a B-average overall, and by completing at least 5 of the 20 required hours of industry exploration. If a student wishes to be released from the Signature Program, parent approval is required.