Online Bookstore


We have partnered with K12 Student Direct to operate the schools online bookstore.

Our new virtual bookstore can be found on the web at K12 Student Direct is operated by a reliable and experienced educational book distributor withseventy years of experience. To get started, visit the website, set up an account, search for your courses and assigned materials, add them a virtual shopping cart, and checkout with the shipping method of your choice.

You are welcome to search for items across other retailers, but we have taken the time to partner with K12 Student Direct and we urge you to use our partner for the following reasons:

  • They offer a generous discount on books, competitive with what you will find other places online.
  • By using the online bookstore that we've created with K12 Student Direct, your child will be guaranteed to purchase the exact version of the book selected by the teacher.
  • K12 Student Direct is set up to deliver books in time for classes. Many e-retailers can take several weeks to deliver items or will charge fees to guarantee quicker delivery.
  • Your purchase through K12 Student Direct helps to support the school. When most of the students in a course purchase through a single site, it makes it possible for the faculty to receive teacher editions and other support materials.
  • K12 Student Direct also makes available many used, reconditioned books as a cost-efficient alternative to buying new.
  • Reliability and security: K12 Student Direct as our partner guarantees the security of your payment information and full support from their customer service team.
  • One-stop shopping for digital books: You will receive a centralized location for purchasing, retrieving your login credentials, and receiving support.

In short, you can get all course-assigned books from one source and in most cases in one shipment, without having to go through the hassles of shopping across different stores.

The K12 Student Direct onlinebookstore is our official online book service. If you search the web for new or used books, please pay special attention to ISBN numbers when ordering from other sources. We can easily assist you if there is an issue with K12Student Direct. We are unable to assist you when problems arise with another Internet bookseller.

Ordering through our virtual bookstore requires that you have access to a computer with an Internet connection. If you do not have access to a computer linked to the Internet either at home or at work, you may check with your local library or the school will arrange access through our computers. Please check with the school office for scheduled access times.

We trust that you will find the website easy to navigate, but guided instructions for website use are available by clicking here.