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Mathematics, Computer Science and Business

The Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Department of Immaculata High School challenges each student to achieve his or her academic potential by providing four years of mathematics courses at the honors/AP, college prep and essentials level, business electives, computer literacy and computer science courses. In addition to AP Calculus and AP Computer Science, access to more advanced college level courses is available through online study. By adopting the “Standards for Mathematical Practice” of CCSSM, the department encourages students to use critical thinking skills at all levels of instruction while learning relevant mathematical skills. Independent learning, cooperative learning tasks and projects help build 21st Century skills. Business courses which introduce students to contemporary business issues and practices are available as electives, beginning junior year.

Projects and project based learning at all levels of instruction encourage the intellectual growth of students in both technical fields as well as in the liberal arts. Working with others on projects promotes social growth through a spirit of camaraderie and shared responsibility while preparing students for work in the 21st Century. The use of appropriate technology from graphing calculators to individual Chromebooks helps focus students on a future filled with technology. The department also sponsors participation in several math leagues and competitions including the AMC 12 and the Mega Math Challenge which provide further opportunities for our students to socialize with other students of similar interests while developing their own mathematical skills.

Immaculata's Catholic tradition fosters a nurturing atmosphere for students who come to Immaculata with varying mathematics backgrounds from many sending schools and districts. The department offers pre-algebra review materials as a summer assignment preceding Algebra I and an integrated algebra skills review in Geometry classes to ease students' transition into high school mathematics. Business ethics is a vital component of discussion in all business courses. The department's adherence to prayer in each class sets the proper tone for a learning environment that seeks to develop each student's God-given potential. Faculty participation in Campus Ministry service activities, school sponsored prayer groups and private retreats help provide examples of adult Catholic living for our students. The department's collaboration with the Office of School Counseling further enhances our ability to meet the emotional and developmental needs of our students.

Before electing an honors level Mathematics course, parents and students should be aware of the significant differences between an honors level and a college prep level course. Honors level mathematics courses are faster paced with considerably less repetition of ideas to achieve student mastery. As a result, students in honors classes must exhibit a strong work ethic and the ability to learn independently. Honors level mathematics courses build on students' innate logical abilities stressing critical thinking while making connections among seemingly diverse topics.