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Ed Webber

Welcome to Immaculata High School! As the principal of Immaculata, and also as an alumnus of the school, I want to be the first to tell you that Immaculata is a school community which embraces 60 years of tradition, built upon our four pillars of Faith, Scholarship, Service, and Friendship.


In addition to our longstanding traditions, which have shaped nearly 10,000 alumni – myself included - into the people we are today, we have a new saying here at Immaculata: Be Known For More.


Simply put, this is more than just a tagline, it is our call – both as individuals and as a school community. Aspirationally, we want to be known for who we are, not confined to a particular skillset or attribute, but rather known for the individuals we are and the character of our actions. In addition, this phrase inspirationally reminds us to strive towards all we want to be, so that the versions of ourselves tomorrow, are even better than the versions of ourselves today.


Here at Immaculata, our students are known as scholars, as athletes, as performers, as artists, as ministers to those in need, and the list goes on and on. But they are known for more. They are known as individuals, not as numbers. They are known as members of our school community, where they are welcomed and where there is a place for everyone. And they are known for their character, that which they have already developed and that which they will continue to build upon here at Immaculata High School.


So, to all our current and future Spartans, I challenge you to think about this…what do you want to be known for? Just know that no matter your answer, you will always be known, and be known for more here at Immaculata High School.

Immaculate Mary, Pray for Us!

Mr. Edward J. Webber, M.Ed. '99

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