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Lata's Editorials

We invite you to enjoy our May 2024 edition of 'Lata's Editorials'.
Posted on 05/28/2024

Every spring, following the completion of the Magnificat by our Journalism class, students at Immaculata High School take on the task of writing, editing, and producing 'Lata's Editorials'. 

The opinions expressed within are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily align with or represent the views of Immaculata High School. Both the moderator and the editorial team hold the authority to approve, modify, or decline any submitted articles, photographs, or advertisements. Primarily, this is a student-led initiative, emphasizing the educational aspect of the journalistic process. Should you encounter any inaccuracies, we encourage you to contact either the moderator or the editor-in-chief for a prompt and accurate correction. All photographs utilized are captured by our students, adhering strictly to the guidelines of Immaculata's photography policy.

We invite you to enjoy our May 2024 edition of 'Lata's Editorials'.