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AP Capstone


AP Capstone

Immaculata is proud to offer College Board's AP Capstone™, an innovative diploma program that allows high school students to develop the skills that matter most for college success: research, collaboration, and communication. Only 60 other high schools in New Jersey and over 1,500 worldwide offer AP Capstone™. 

The program consists of two courses taken in sequence: AP Seminar and AP Research. Developed in direct response to feedback from higher education faculty and college admission officers, AP Capstone™ complements the in-depth, subject-study of other Advanced Placement courses and exams. What is particularly exciting about the AP Capstone™ Program is that it provides the framework for high-end critical thinking, teamwork, writing, public speaking, and cross-curricular exploration.

In AP Seminar, using Catholic Social Teaching as the foundation, the teachers will facilitate and empower the students to conduct college-level research through different lenses. Students explore research questions connected to human dignity issues such as immigration, the environment, and diversity, learning how to discern the validity and reliability of sources in order to present and write about various topics. The second-year course, AP Research, empowers students to deeply explore an academic topic of individual interest by designing, planning, and implementing a yearlong investigation to address their research question.