Upcoming Events

Campus Ministry offers dynamic, ever-changing opportunities for service throughout the year. Take a look below at what's coming in the near future!

Please email completed permission slips to rgrieshaber@immaculatahighschool.org since positions are filled for events via a first-come first-served basis determined by the order in which permission slips are received.


The Wall

As always, to be considered for the events listed below, you must put your name on the corresponding folder on "The Wall" in Campus Ministry, where you can find pre-printed forms also.

Sudden Assistance Response

Through August 2021

Sudden Assistance ResponseClick here for the Permission Form and Flyer to attend the Sudden Assistance Response event.

Feeding Hands Night

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Feeding hands nightClick here for the Permission Form and Application Form to attend the Feeding Hands Night event.

Habitat For Humanity

Thursday, April 29, 2021

habitatClick here for the Permission Form and the Parental Consent Form to attend the Habitat For Humanity event.