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Health and Physical Education


Explore our academic offerings by hearing directly from our Health and Physical Education Department.

In keeping with the mission of Immaculata High School, the physical education and health department works closely with our students in a variety of ways. In both the physical education and health curriculum, it is the faculty's goal to help students be better able to enhance their own spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social health.

In the physical education department this is accomplished with a curriculum that includes a variety of fitness activities and individual games that allow students to focus on improving or maintaining their individual physical health. Cooperative activities and team based games are implemented to encourage students to focus on mutual respect, teamwork, and leadership skills and to foster social health. Through physical activity, the physical education faculty encourages students to deepen the sense of community that is an integral part of the day to day life at Immaculata. Outside of the gym we work closely with the athletic department in an effort to ensure our student athletes are able to put the focus more on “student” than “athlete” by affording them extra academic time with an extra study hall.

The health curriculum covers all aspects of students' health but focuses on providing the student body with the information necessary to make fundamentally healthy choices. These health choices impact all areas of growth we strive to encourage through our mission and philosophy. The goal of the health program is to inform students about available choices which will impact their lives at present and in the future. The courses in health education are designed to help every student acquire good health habits in order to maintain physical and emotional growth and well-being. Overall, students are expected to develop sound health habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle that encompasses not only the mission of the health and physical education department, but that of our school as a whole.

Physical Education Option II Application

Option II Applications are no longer being accepted.

Recognizing that our student athletes are involved in rigorous academic and athletic programs, the Immaculata High School administration and Physical Education department have designed an option for student athletes to be exempt from PE classes while in season. Students who qualify may complete the Option II Physical Education Application and return it to the Academic Office for consideration.